Walk Away (Bonus Track)

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* (Ali)

It was a late friday night hangin with my boys
Smokin blunts, you know whats kickin dust, makin that noise
When I saw her on the lot, at the veggie spot
Gotta go coolio, that means its gettin too hot
Oh no, thats when I peeped that she was gettin
out the rappity bad, pullen out reefer
How could this be all this lust from me
The other Tics hopped out and got on the other three, but not me
Look at baby girl, Look at baby girl
Look at the lips on baby girl, Look at the hips on baby girl
They hopped back in all phone numbered up
tellin me that baby girl said what up
I'm like ok, thats how you play
I know your man ma, we cant do it that way

(Chorus x2)

You gotta man I gotta woman we cant do it that
Maybe we can sit chillen, talk to me
I'm tryin to sound vocal but so soon when I see
I hate to see you leave but I'd love to see you walk away


(dont walk away)
But I know, f**kin with you might make my mind blow
Where could this end up, where could it go
Nothin but trouble, heartache thats fo sho
And that aint it, man but that body so fit
That aint it, all this lust I wants to hit
But that aint it, feelin like I'm losin control
That aint it, all these blunts and these bottles of mo
But I can picture me and her in the moonlight
Poolside in my summer home doin it right
With the butler and the maid, come bring me a lemonade
Umbrella for the shade, cloey glass for the raise
As we blaze, your man a quarterback threw a into
Touchdown, outta town in the Ferrari Rennal
Watchin Leno on 81 inches of tv
Mr. France, oui oui
Slow down, baby

(Chorus x2)

(Ms. Toi)

Oh strict ones get down when this sh*ts is down
Now I was shackin up with a busta, this is what I found
I'm cashin big checks, so I dont need you now
I'm a single rich chick and I'm about to clown
Check what I said when I told you gonna do your thang
My sh*t, fellin it now, watch it bang
I'm a thorough ass chick, so Ima walk away
I know you hate to see me leavin, but I cant stay

(Chorus x4)