James Reyne

Walking In The Dreamtime

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Went a`walking in the sunshine
About a thousand Brumby ghosts
Hunters bushmen bandits
And fence wire on the posts
Felt that ebony skin
And felt the whole of the ivory coast
Not flying away flying away
Never been across the ocean man
You didn't sail it out across the sea
You didn't dig it for gold
In a little black hole
Of all the things to be
You've got Summer light freckles
You didn't need your ABC
Not flying away flying away

Chorus ~
Oh I walking in the dreamtime
The dreamtime
Oh I walking in the sun

Now your lying in a door way brother
Land of black fatigue
You say we braved the ocean
We crossed ten thousand leagues
You all stung the lashes
Of a hundred Captain Queegues
Not flying away flying away
Cut the name across your backbone
Stretch the skin across the drum
Set 'em up in some old island
Today 'till kingdom come
Stole that pinch gut pudding
Covered it with rum
Not flying away flying away

Chorus ~ x 2

Walking in the sun

Bridge ~
Spirits in the sky
Watch them roll by
Look & listen
Not flying away
Flying away

Chorus ~ x 3

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