Manda & The Marbles

Wanna Go Home

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I miss the town i was born in

fast food and the all night stores

burger king and frozen pizza

tell them i can't take it no more

i want to go to my apartment

i wanna walk down my old street

i wanna go to 7-11

find me something i can eat

home i wanna go home, i wanna go home, i wanna go home

i wanna see the stars on sunset

see my name in the hollywood hills

spend the night with my oldfriend

forget to pay electric bills

i wanna watch the TV all night

watch a movie on channel 5

maybe even call my parents

i don't think they know i'm alive

home, i wanna go home, i wanna go home, i wanna go home

i'm gonna buy myself a new car

i'm gonna buy one get one free

drivin' down some 4 lane highway

in the land of oppurtunity

they say these are really good days

they say the days are really strange

but i don't care that won't upset me

got my little home on the range


i wanna go


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