Dilated Peoples


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War is life and war is death
War's a vacuum but war's a breath
And war is a war that can never be won
But war is the way Johnny got his gun
War, it brings students out in a rally
War's something that I see too much in Cali
War with black, and war with brown
And war with everyone as the sound resounds
In war, more than you bargained for
War is blinding and wars ROAR
War is getting picked off storming the shore
And war is how the rich conrol the poor
War is the boom of impending doom
War fills history books and fills tombs
War is my lyrics when I duel with drums
War is the shape of things to come
War is suffering, war is bluffing
What is it good for, absolutely nothing!
War is one of my favorite groups
And war is why they turn y'all kids to troops
War, between my zodiac twin
One want to do right, one want to sin
War is a loop that does not end
Cause war is often between kin and friend
Everywhere is war and rumors of war
I rap battle hymns cause tour is a war
Some war with God and some with the beast
Some war for war but we war for peace - peace!

Writer/s: A.P. Thompson / Dilated Peoples / R. Taylor

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