Lucifer's Friend


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This war is done, we journey on
Searching always for the other side.
The death bells lonely cry says goodbye
We traveled far, fought and won this war.
Thank god we're still alive!
Many men have died!
I still hear them cry.
On and on we go
Where will we be tomorrow
On and on
Sailing through the night
On and on we go
We want to reach land tomorrow
So blow you trade winds
Blow us through the night.
We've fought and won many wars.
I know someday
We will surely fall.
It's our destiny.
Then the wind will softly tell the story
Of the men who die in glory and in shame.
But they all die in vain.
It's all so wrong
Young men grow old in such a short time
God where is your mind!
But the lords of war say
This is how they play
So it stays!
The moon tonight, cries alone
A filling star is brushed away.
Only fools would say we'll be saved.
This war is done, we must travel on
Always searching for the other side.
The death bells ghostly cry.
Is ringing in my mind.
They hoisted up the sail
And they let the flag unfurl
Then the wind did surely blow
So they crossed the spanish main
Thats another world away.
What awaits them no one knows
The devil alone will surely know
Them for all the wrongs we've done.
Who'll save us.

Writer/s: Lucifer's Friend

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