Bret Michaels

Wasted Time

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Lately I just ain't been myself
Lately I've been feelin' somethin' else
These thoughts ain't helping me, to let go of your memory
Lately I just ain't been myself

There's a time to hurt, a time to heal
Yeah but lately, that just ain't the way I feel
Like some famous final scene, I saw once on my TV screen
You'll come back to me, ain't that the way that it's supposed to be

I said, You're the one I hold onto
You're the one who gets me through
Every second without you
Is just wasted time
You can take my soul, you can take my freedom
Take my heart cuz I won't need it Every second without you
I've come to find
Is just wasted time

So many things I can't replace
I miss your smile, your tears, the lines on your pretty face
Didn't know what I lost until you were gone
What felt so right, now feels so wrong
The same road that carries me
Is now the one that buries me, you see


All the things I meant to say are now so clear
I know what I'd say if you were standin' here
Somewhere between the dark and the light
Between the who's wrong and the who's right
Between the hellos and the goodbyes
If you were here with me tonight, I'd say


Writer/s: Bret Michaels

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