You and I

We All Bleed

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We run light footed upon the wind like nights
slipping away, or cold, damp air poisoned dream waking at any hour, and coming upon an open chair-open cell when i cry,
ink filled paper to erase our dreams, ten floors away I looked down praying to open the window, open this window, it sealed my lungs, that's what they said
( we flow like butterflies in summer blissful morning) it sealed my lungs every last inch, and i missed your call while not waiting, ( we never open up to close wounds long left for bleeding) its always this way,
always this way, its always this way ( let me bleed my heart, let me bleed my soul) nothing changes, the envelopes, their always empty, from all the words
not sent, we ( let me bleed my soul) we all try to be heroes, but our capes have fallen off ( let me bleed my soul)
so i stand staggered smile by a falling branch ( let me bleed my soul) so i try reaching out-die- with open arms (let me bleed my soul) where i sit pretending its not gone, but it never changes.

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