4th Disciple

Weapon World

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Infinite infantries, space techs with navi clips
Skin penetration, directions information
Roll up your knuckles, get blast in your fingertips
Phasers with macs and handles clamped up on your hips
Infrared beams so sharp crease your pant seams
With chestic barrels I sold them at the Christmas carols
With small scopes from miles adjust them to your house
With see through glocks, that's natural, you know it rocks
Front vinyl holsters some acid pellets from the box
Big tanks sash German Spanish thoughts I be servin
More beggars in trucks, shippin weight to Las Vegas
Bicentennial bombs with leather straps for your arms
Garments and bags from hefty, I'm a lefty

Welcome to Weapon World [2X]
You're welcome...

Nuke 'em headbands for light blue German Lugars
Forcefields protect, razor bumps behind your neck
Automatics from seven chambers eighty-two bullets
When you pull it the little twenty five sound like Ganas
Machine guns electric cords rob the power run
Remington A-70, for the pedigree
Night time militant mask, fueled with laser gas
Atomic ACP thirty round American slugs
With bugs undefeatable navy systems
Brown pearls pistols with FBI whistles
Suitcase with missles stashed with toilet tissues
Triggers with frames or 44 that shoot flames
Law enforcement, I got the first kill endorsement
Uzis material eatin Cocoa Puff cereal
Close range spokers, infrareds let you notice
Factory parts here screws with the custom parts
Deputy badges, fake SWAT teams closin gasses
Blow up your asses, over here put on masses

Welcome to Weapon World [3X]
You're welcome...

Antagonist columnist, astrotech abuser
85 rounds of dynamite sticks with mix
On old rifles, and little derringers that fix
LAPD can't see me, I work with Muslim beanie
Indian transporter, machine guns across the border
And Siberian bolts bullet proof winter coats
Across the region, duffel bags of the ?Amenge deagons?
Station wagons with desert eagles to stop a dragon
Elephant darts with propane travel through the rain
Bust back, the right machine to counteract
Carbine 31 shot wake up the project block
Neighborhood with wood, blast off the D off the hood
Bounty hunters with camoflague green alligators
Straight from the Barbados, tourin sweet potatoes
Can make and pass port way hand grenades that I bought

Welcome to Weapon World [4X]
That's right
Has the effect to put a six foot gorilla
With the skin of an alligator
With the aluminum skin of an alligator
To a 4 point 8 Pterydactyl
That's a Dragon Plus
With a twist...