We Can Star Over

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I still remember the look in your sweet blue eyes
The smile on your face, it was paradise
I still have the pictures in my head of it all
I miss those days we had so much fun
Can´t forget those times, I thought you were the one
I wish we could go back and set things right

2x -Refrão-
Here we go once again
Come a little closer
Here we go once again
We can start over

Then you call me on the telephone
I was so damn mad and so alone
I burned photographs and memories
It´s always the same cold-hearted game
An infinite struggle to see who wins
But now I´m tired, I know I need you

2x -Refrão-

Your eyes, I want to feel them, believing
The pain´s not leaving

I wish we could, we started again
I know we can, make this work if we try again

2x -Refrão-

Writer/s: Rodrigo Fortes