Mac 10

We Could Never Be Friends

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(All gravy nigga, fuck)
Fuck them niggas cause they bitch made anyway
Can't come in tha hood, I hope he got an A-K
He crossed tha line, nigga dropped a dime
Then he ran to those white folks sayin' I tried
I Stunna one of a kind you muthafucka
Catch me in tha summer in a rag top hummer
Nigga pack yo tools, nigga pay yo dues
Been a G about this gangsta shit, it ain't no rules
Nigga cook yo food, hard ki's we move
Then yo get up on tha stand & you cross yo dude
Let them people play you nigga, now it's time to lose
Got some killas in tha pen wanna give you tha blues
An on tha outside niggas do what they do
We in tha projects grindin' wit that girl or tha poo
Yo whole family ain't safe cause I'm killin' 'em too
I put a hit on every nigga that's close to you

Little jive ass nigga - we can never be friends
Oh bitch made nigga - we can never be friends
You a pussy muthafucka - we can never be freinds
We Can Never Be Friends, We Can Never Be friends
You fuckin' up a nigga work - we can never be friends
You put a hoe before yo homies - we can never be friends
You turnin' state on yo homies - we can never be friends
Nigga, We Could Never Be Friends

I was raised around dope & crack fiends, stranglers & triple beams
You can not imagine all tha shit that a nigga seen
Now I done seen niggas get they head busted for nothin'
They leave & come back stuntin' like they bout it & wasn't
Better watch them some nigga or stop them some nigga
This a nigga wit a black hooded & pops them a nigga
The people came thru & they done kicked in my Ma's do'
They tore up my Ma's house & questioned my folks
My momma stood up & said "Ain't no Lac here,
Get yo dogs, get tha fuck out & don't come back here"
I'm tired of runnin', I can't turn back, I hear tha sirens comin'
Now they can give a lovely fuck why I done it
An all they need to prove is that I fired somethin'
Or hit 9 lil' children
My potna got killed & they say I'm the gunman
You fuckin' right I know him & fuckin' right I done him


I was tha first nigga out tha click wit a cuban connect
An tha first to push a six thru tha Nolia project
I broke bread wit all my niggas gave 'em tha prices I get
Turn the projects to condeminiums & diamonds to begets
Was tha first to go to feds, I left my two month old daughter
Her momma said since I left my friends ain't passed a quater
When I rolled out same niggas was in my face again
Like " Stone you out early, man we thought you got ten"
We kicked tha bo bo, swapped lies, given hugs & dap
But you know hugs ain't love, niggas is checkin' for straps
Each one of them owein' me a dub, ain't even mention tha snaps
I knew then it was bad blood, I'm bout to twist some caps
Gun in hand, I'm eatin' grits, I haven't done this in awhile
I see one in a blue sedan sharin' kisses & smiles
I creep up on him, popped tha van, ran thru tha crowd
Hit tha corner of Washington then I popped up his house


[Mack 10]
(Yo, yo)
I keep a four pound cocked wit hollows in tha chamber
Been a real lil' nigga since a B-G banger
Plus I'm down wit tha killas no matter red or blue
An too bad I can't say tha same shit bout you
Cause you's a bitch nigga dawg & square as a preist
An you's a snitch nigga dawg cause you told tha police
I hold trial in tha streets & keep it gangsta fa sho
An tha only niggas run to tha law is a hoe
So you was all about tha rah rah shit back then
But yo money ain't long & you know you can't win
Your boy Mack a shot caller & if you hate me I feel you
Cause I got enough bread to pay yo homies to kill you
Yo I can kick back, fuck, & have fun all year
An you can snitch, watch your back, & you can still disappear
An while you P-C up I stay mashin' for dollas
So when you ready for tha get down nigga just holla

[Chorus] - 2x