The Locust

We Have Reached An Official Verdict: Nobody Gives A Shit

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Belching into the atmosphere, new erections still the same as those
filthy fucking old ones

now it's known that theres no heaven on this shore on this or
any other damn shore for that matter

Shit-sucking kings and ass licking peasents with
their foreign tongues licking someones foreign affair

only because signs show that we must fly from here

shave that matted faux fur suit

hey incarceration generation!
now listen to what the preacher has to say about life, but
don't listen to what the man of faith has to say about petty details like
death and despair

Haven't you heard yet?
No one listens to anyone anyhow
take that aimless aim and let it rip

open fire when you hit the shore
relax, its only the smell of some sea men

Hand me down hamburger

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