Pam Tillis

We Must Be Thinking Alike

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So many nights we didn't fight but never talked much
We just lost touch
I think we knew our dream come true was slowly dying
No denying
Now comes the time we must decide to go or stay
To get it back somehow or throw it all away

We must be thinking alike
You never held me so tight
We must be finally doing something right
I'm not about to give in
This is a fight we can win and after all this time
We must be thinking alike

Let's just stay home
I'll get a pizza and a movie we both want to see
And later on who knows what we'll find to agree on
It's been so long
Dim down the lights, turn off the phone and the TV
I can tell the way you're smiling back at me that

[Chorus: x2]

Writer/s: Chris Farren / Chuck Jones

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