We Must Fly

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" You must fly " -mother said
" Don't sit quiet "-said my dad
Brother said:"C'mon boy!"
And these words made me mad .
So I got the power for my friends to rise
This appeal to action flashed before my eyes .
And when I played guitar on Sunday afternoon
It was gonna happen very soon
I felt it in my blood to burst out or to die
It would be my action - to live to fly.

So we flew as they said
All fans screamed getting mad:
" You must fly ! " Crying girls
Kissed my feet . Bust up the set .
And I smashed this background
It didn't help my fly
It was the resurrection which lit again my eyes .
And now we play guitars
With only one thought to fly
Forgetting fans and girls and stupid cries
The golden cages turned out to be damned good lies
But our real action - We live to fly.
To never die .

Flying as a bird to feel the high
And imbibe the blue of the sky
See eternity of space
Try to fight with death