Low Profile

We're In This Together

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[ VERSE 1: W.C. ]
Yes yes y'all, it's time to get wild
Low Pro's in effect with a brand-new sound
Move back, punk, we're takin over the stage
Somebody done slipped, we rose out the cage
On a rage, we're gettin paid, you can't punk me
Peep this out, I got somethin funky
Funkier than funky, yo, no joke
Hey yo, Aladdin, hold up, goddamn, this is dope
Soft punks'll get crushed like aluminum
They can't deal, like tabacco I'm chewin em
Lyrics stickin like Super Glue to you and your crew
Stick up, now the show belongs to the Double U
Soft punk, you could get dunked poppin the junk
Aladdin cut the record with the Low Pro funk
While i'm slammin and jammin and rammin
A different style than your part-time sucker be crammin
Partner wisecrack, try to stay clever
Hey yo, Aladdin, man, we're doin this together

DJ Aladdin on the wheels of steel
The 1989 DMC Seminar contender
On the wheels of steel gettin funky right now
>From Low Pro DJ Aladdin

[ VERSE 2: W.C. ]
Smooth - some label it retarded
You know what? Yo, I ain't even got started
The real McCoy that's guaranteed to destroy
I come off and girls jump with joy
Suckers got a tendency to brag
Squash it, cause you're makin me mad
Poetically inclined writin all my rhymes
And where I come from wearin the wrong color is a crime
But that's another story I saved for another day
Cause right now I wanna talk about my deejay
Aladdin, the DMC Seminar contender
He cuts and axe the wax, watch it get thinner
18 years old, dominatin the sport
>From London to Chicago all the way to New York
Y'all know what time it is, give it up, peep the sound
To those who wanna battle, I say: put the pipe down
Partner wisecrack, try to stay clever
We're doin this together

DJ Aladdin on the wheels of steel
Check it out
One of a kind in this century

[ VERSE 3: W.C. ]
Check it out we're doin this together
Also been takin a beatdown forever
2 brothers gettin paid for usin a brain
I don't rap for a big gold chain
Unlike you and your crew
Make a move and you're through
Step to Low Pro, let me tell you what I oughta do
(What up?) Grip the mic like a 9 milli pistol
And shove it up the rear just like a popsicle
You wanna battle? Yo, that's suicide
Damn a battle, let's take it outside
And I'll shake and bake a scab like a potato
You get swept, yup, like a tornado
Stomped like a waterbug, and I should mention - ah
To battle the Doub you get sliced to a stub, you know
You got beef with me, you gotta deal with Tee
I got Aladdin's like Aladdin's got W.C.'s
Back, jack, you might get racked, smacked and cracked
Yo, it's '89, we put on backpacks
Partner wisecrack, try to stay clever
Hey yo, Aladdin, man, we're doin this together

DJ Aladdin on the wheels of steel
DJ Aladdin
The 1989 DMC Seminar contender
Can't touch us, boy, we in here now
Low Profile's in effect

[ VERSE 4: W.C. ]
You never heard of me, why? Hey yo, I keep a low pro
One deejay, and I'm comin out solo
Hello, yo bro, Aladd' and Doub' wanna know
Can another brother mess with this? (Hell no)
A methodical wildstyle, poetically arranged
I'm a warrior, not a lover, I don't sing and things
I'm into rap, not disco, I ain't Michael Jackson
I'm into cuts and breaks and cool rappin
And crackin, jackin, smackin, MC's playin the back
Step up punk, yo, you're bound to get waxed
You know as long as Low Pro is around
There'll be no surrender, no retreat, no takedown
Partner wisecrack, try to stay clever
Hey yo, Aladdin, man, we're doin this together

Hey yo
First of all Low Pro wanna give a shout-out
To all the people that was down with us back in the days
First of all we wanna give a shout-out
To Party Records for puttin us out there and lettin us out of this cage
Cause we in there now, you know what I'm sayin?
I wanna give a shout-out to my little brother DJ Crazy Toones
And his MC Jazzy Dee

Yo, yo, yo
But I wanna give a shout-out to my homeboy Wayne Wayne, uknowmsayin?
O.G. Rhyme Syndicate Posse and Ice-T
(What about the other homeboys like
Smurf, Chill, you know
Scotty Dee who was down with us way back in the days
Yo, what's up with Aladdin and WC kickin back
We in this together, man)

Hey yo, yo, what's up?
What's up with Coolio, Nu Skool, all the other brothers that was out there
They ain't got paid
They'd just love to get paid...

We like to give a special shout-out to Guee, uknowmsayin
My O.G. homebody, peace, we love you, brother
(Ain't it funky)

Oh yeah, Aladdin, we forgot about Bobcat

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