Hank Thompson

We've Gone Too Far

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Our first affair was just too dared to tempt our patience greed
I slipped around with you and found the kind of love I need
Now on the sly both you and I are deep in love somehow
These things they are we've gone too far to ever turn back now

We've gone too far to tell our hearts that our love was reckless fun
If we'd made a bad mistake I'm not sorry it was done
Though you belong to someone else and another has you now
Yet here we are we've gone too far to ever turn back now
[ steel - fiddle ]
We've gone too far when I can't sleep because I always think of you
I breathe your name and see your face in everything I do
So never leave let's make believe that it's all right somehow
For you must know I love you so and we can't turn back now

Writer/s: Billy Gray / Hank Thompson

We've Gone Too Far de Hank Thompson

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