Veggie Tales

We've Got Some News

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Wiseman #1: We've got some news, good King Darius
We fear your position is precarious
There are some people here in Babylon who won't give you your due
They'd rather bow to other men

King Darius: Can this be so?

Wiseman #2: 'Tis true!

King Darius: Oh, dear.

Wiseman #1: We've brought a solution of our own design
If you'll just sight this paper on the dotted line.
It's an edict stating most concisely what we're all to do
We must bow our heads or bend our knees before no one but you.

King Darius: I see. Just one more time, now, let's see if I've got this straight.
A law to prove once and for all that I am great.
If I'm the king no one must doubt my full supremacy
So, from this day forth my citizens will pray to only me.

Yes! But what if they don't?

Wiseman #1: If they don't obey, any citizen
Will be thrown into the lion's den.

King Darius: Oh! Yes. Well, I guess that would do it! Alright, then. Good work, men. Tah tah!

Narrator: So the law was passed, the deed was done
Daniel's troubles had just begun.

Writer/s: Phil Vischer

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