Brenn Hill

What A Man's Got To Do

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There's six hundred dollars tucked into his jeans
Burnin' a hole in his heart
He stares at the phone in a cheap motel
And he knows that it won't get him far
Got a half-busted shoulder on a bull down in Houston
There once was a time that he didn't mind losin'
But it's all on the line now and then some too
And he just don't know what to do

There's a Greyhound Station with a midnight ride
That'd take him back home before dawn
And he could pick up that phone and hear her voice on
the line
And like a flash of wild lightnin' be gone
But another bus leaves for Laredo at sunrise
As he fights back the tears fallin' down from his blue
He whispers her name and a prayer to get through
'Cause he just don't know what to do

It's a hundred year story of struggle and strife
It's the pain and the glory of every cowboy's life
When there's just enough money to ride or go home
You fall down for good or you get back on

There's a chute flyin' open down in Laredo Texas
The crowd comes alive with the rush
There's a cowboy spinnin' and a Brahma-cross buckin'
He's ridin' all out or bust
He's fightin' and spurrin'
They're twistin' and turnin'
And inside the fire it just keeps on burnin'
And he calls when it's over to say I love you
But a man's got to do what a man's got to do

Writer/s: Brenn Hill