What 'bout My Star (sheryl On Stage)

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What 'bout my star?

Baby doushitai? soujuu
handoru gyutto nigitte mou STANDBY
(Do you) want my heart & want my love?
NO!? nmou! SWING shite KISS!

chuuto hanpa na STYLE wa NO
buttonjyatteru LOVE nara for me
(How) beautiful! Excuse me!
hoshitara rarara possibilities

POINT I don't care DOLLARS How much fake
POINT futatsu ni hitotsu
but ai nara shite

What 'bout my star?

Darlin' chikadzuite fujuu?
NO YOU, NO LIFE nantsutte mou zettai!
need your heart & need your love

nokkacchatteru koi demo GO!
mou ikkai nante nai kara HAPPY
no more chance! no rules!
GET shitai kara rarara I all give it to you.

3. Hey, I count down.
2. Are you ready?
1. kakugo wa dou?
0. ai, narashite!

What 'bout my star?

kanaete! You yield to me.
oshiete! Your true feeling.
kanaete! You yield to me.
sekashite! Impulsive date.

Let me know what you want, I would give you!
How fantastic to be with you. My love!

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