4th Disciple

What I Need

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[Intro: Kardinal Offishall]
Yeah, uh huh uh huh
Circle (huh), uh huh uh huh
T-Dot, uh huh uh huh
Kardinal, what it is though niggaz
Yo check it (what I need!)

[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
What I need is for niggaz to let me live (man, chill!)
Deal with niggaz who's blood spill
Empty a couple clips and they label niggaz assassins
Fact, show them my life is worth more than a contract (what I need)
What I need is for chickens to stop tricking, licking the kitten
And hitting every rap nigga's hit (what I need)
What I need is for people to love one God, one hoe, one time
Nigga, respect the rhyme (word)
Chew the way that I flex, it's next level shit
Turn off the beats, I cross off the treble shit
What I need is for money to match clothes
Fifty dollars a word (word), million dollars a show (show)
Billion dollars a video, ten bucks a hoe!
Billion dollars a dozen, the Circle niggaz know (yeah)
One dollar per president, fifty cents a CEO
Pay back but I still retake yo (blah!)

[Chorus: Prince Paul]
We keep it hot when we up in the spot
Everytime when we on the grind
Make it happen if you calling the shots
Do you and I'm a handle mine
My 2-way and my cellular phone
Be blowing up in a rediculous way
Sipping the game like I'm slanging the zone
The Mary Jane or a nickle of lle
What I need

[Verse 2: Sly Boogy]
What I need is a first-class ticket
And a five star luxury suite so I can kick it (what I need)
What I need is a fat ass podium
And my money up front when I'm packing a coliseum (what I need)
What I need regular rotation across the nation
On every radio station
Now that you know nigga, what you gone do?
And let me know so I can put the homies on too
From day one you been jacking you jaw
Like you is a boss hog nigga, raw acting a flaw
Talking about the mad connects and you cash your checks
But I have yet to see you flex and make it manifest
Claiming you got the hooks sitting up in the cut
When it's really another motherfucker plugging me up
You question my credibility and test with threats
But you better show respect when you address the vet (what I need)
What I need is for you to quit bumping your gums
And shut the fuck up and quit jumping the gun
Cause we on the same team and came for cream
And we reign supreme, swimming in the mainstream (what I need)
What I need is some peace of mind and a fine dime
With an old piece behind
Some sticky green lime and a bottle of wine
So I can glide in my ride with the seats reclined

[Chorus: Prince Paul]

[Outro: Announcer talking]
Politics of the business
Politics of the business
Politics of the business
Politics of the business