Sérgio Mendes

What Is This?

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Y'know those days when you don't feel good
And everything looks so sad
When you get up from your bed
It's in your left foot not knowing
What to do with your life
So you turn on the radio looking for music
But you can only hear waste, waste,
Only waste

Then you return to bed
And decide to pay a visit to the places you've never seen before
And so you walk, you walk
So you walk and walk and walk and walk
When you look around you in the place
You've never seen before before before before
Hearing the sound sound sound
Who makes you think you are in heaven

And so you ask ask ask
(I answer, brothers)

And so you ask, ask me
What does it mean

Don't you know this is like a flame my brother

Don't you know this is the music of the hour

Writer/s: Carmen Alice