What Makes a Man a Man

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Take a look and see for yourself what makes a man
A man, and I will step back to the life I left
Maybe you won't forget who I am

Wake up in the middle of the night
Just don't believe every thing's all right when these
Thoughts are running around your head
And it's late, so you don't really want to say goodbye
So you just head down the stairs that lead you out
The sound of silence is as loud as a gunshot
"Forgive me" were the only words they read on the note you left

Singing,oh, can't find any way out

I wish I could live where the sea meets the land
The ocean and I would be the best of friends
I'd make her my own. I would float in her waves
She would sing me to sleep as she carries me away
Won't you carry me away?
Oh,please, carry me away
Ocean, carry me away, you're my better half

Singing, oh, can't find any way out

(I don't really want to sing anymore
There's got to be something I could live for, so just show me now
Everyday is just another regret
It's time for me to give it a rest and it's over now)

Writer/s: Emery