What's a Man to Do

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What's a Man to do
When She Calls You On the Phone
And Tells You She's Alone
What's a Man to Say
When His Best Friend's Out of Town
And She Wants Some Company
Would It Be Shady of Me
To, Take Her in Arms
And Give Her What She Wants
What's a Man to do (Oh)
What's a Man to do
What's a Man to Do

It's Three O'clock in the Morning
Your Girl Is Calling On Me
And I'm Feeling Kind of Horny
She's Telling Me What She Wants
My Knees Are Getting Weak
And That's the Stuttering I Speak
The Only Reason I Won't Hit It
Cos She's My Partner's Girl
And He Thinks That She's the World
If He Only Knew What She Said
She's Talking By the Legs
And Rubbing On My Head


She Got Me On the Wall
Talking in My Ear
And Now It's Getting Hot
Licking On Her Lips (Her Lips)
Saying What She'll do
With Her Fingertips
A Million Girls in the Room
Somehow She Caught My Eye
Start Rubbing On Her Thighs
And Then She Grabbed My Hand
Said "Here's the Hotel Key
Now Come If You're the Man"


Now You Girl Know You Got a Man
Though I Want to Break You Off
Cos I Know Waht You're About
But He Wouldn't do It to Me
My Body's Coming
And the Keys Are in My Hand
But I'm Not That Type of Man
You'll See (You'll See)

Chorus Until Fade