Blossom Toes

What's It For

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Eh, let me say right away, that lest it has slipped you mind, eh,
This record is electrically recorded.
Electrically electrically. OH! Electrically! Oh!
What's it for, this need for loving that once more
Is whispering unlock the door and let someone come through to find
The sip of love I leave behind In loving you
Unsure of quite what is true
Let that all go, I tell myself
What's it for, I answer
And close the door, I answer
Why do I question her every thought I make?
What's it for? The mere existence of a door
Is something to be grateful for, And after all what can I do
but hope what I call love is true
As I feel now. No asking questions this time
As I feel now, I wonder how "What's it for" Existed
And open doors resisted
So I won't question all the love I make
(Repeat entire last paragraph one more time)

Writer/s: Jim Cregan

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