Polkadot Cadaver

What´s the worst thing that could happen?

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When you get home I will be there waiting for you

With a poison drink in my hand
because two can play at this game
this world's not big enough for the you of us
although you're still the most beautiful hooker alive

Look who's smiling now
remember when you said
what's the worst thing that could happen?
well it's happening now
yeah right fuckin now
to a soundtrack in my head
and the record keeps on skippin
playing the same part
over and over again

Satellites spin in empty galaxies
as the comets penetrate the space
good nights fade into bad days
as the sun sets into blue nitemares

Bleeding out the apathy
sleeping with the enemy
you are now my only desire
and I don't know weather to kiss you or to cut you
and kill you

I couldn't cry even if I wanted to
I wasn't good enough for you
you aren't healthy for anyone
the skin and the muscles the worms

What's the worst thing that could happen?
it's happening to you right fucking now
look who's smiling now
I remember you and I parked on lover's lane
drinking each other's blood so young and insane
when I bit your lip
and you winked at me
with a promise we would be together forever
let's stop pretending
this love is never ending
cause all good things must someday come to die

Warm warmer disco!

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