Black Moon

What Would U Do?

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What would ya do?
What would ya say?
Once again
How would ya feel?

Huh, what would you do
if you walked in ya crib and seen ya bitch with the next dude?

I'd fuck the bitch and the nigga up
figure what the fuck wrong with that nigga Ruck
Why ya trippin? You know the rules ya bitch choose me and that's cool
but why you fuck her in my home homie? Now listen
How would you feel?
You up north doing a bid and ya bitch ain't real
She ain't send you a flick of the kids
and she ain't send you no chips she done slid
and ya love her. Now what would ya say?

I'd let that bitch know Buck don't play
go ahead with ya cut throat ways
fuckin' every nigga, this and that nigga, relax nigga, she ain't engaged
black tale of the month, she in the page, bent back
you going for ya gat? Now would ya act?

Now how would ya act?
You pulled over by the cops and ya breathe smell like yac
Ya seat belt is off, do you fold or run?
and ya holdin a loaded gun (What would ya do)

Man, I'd put my toast in my coat and splurge
Do sixty on that open curve
Sweat down my shirt
Can't get caught, will not learn
But I will not, will not burn

A yo, now how would it feel?
To be thirty years old broke with a record deal
and the ends don't make it no more
to the point you can't take it no more, get a job nigga
Now where would ya go?
When ya drunk as hell and the elevators broke
and ya live on the top floor
Do you walk and say fuck it cause I got cause?

Now what would you do?
If you were broke on a Sunday until that next Sunday
Nice and fucked up, life is fucked up
You went from bad to worse, back to bad luck
Huh, imagine the life around us
fake bitches countless, imagine you found this?
Dvd of wifey in V.I.P, with like three, dudes (What would ya do?)
Would you say it's cool?
But if you play the fool, play this fool
so you can learn something, smarten up
How would it feel?
All for nothing

What would ya do?
What would ya say? (Once again)
How would ya feel? (Get real)

Now what would you do?
You got caught smoking a blunt by the boys in blue (once again)
Do you flip and resist arrest?
Grip the fifth and split his chest?
I don't know nigga
Now who in the hell, said you was nice and ya record is gonna sell?
Ya beats ain't shit and ya video wack
You give sampler's and they givin them back (Yo)

(What would you do?)

Man what could I do? What should I do?
Should I, get with you or get rid of you
I'm sick of you, it's pitiful what bitches do
Sippin on bitches brew with bad attitude and a click to screw
Well you could fuck my click too
plus the hill, one question
How would you feel?

What would you do?
What would you say? (Once again)
How would you feel?

What would you do?
What would you say? (Once again)
How would you feel?

What would you do?

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