Buju Banton

What Ya Gonna Do

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Oh what a feeling
The rude boy is feeling
I'm so lonely inside
This rude boy feel like screaming

I'm lonely lonely lonely
Girl I'm lonely for you only
Feeling lonely lonely lonely
Girl I'm lonely lonely lonely

What ya gonna do
Woman fed up, wants nothing to do with you
Can't see through
Me say get it together woman dem no Inna not a acapella fellow
Good weather bad weather strong umbrella
Yu back affi broad Mek di woman feel as if she flying on a Concord
Yes mi bredda mi say use up cool water
What ya gonna do to obtain this daughter
Have the lamb in hand let it escape slaughter
Now all over town you is a laugh

Cho Cho
What ya gonna do...

Was it something that I've done
Was it something that I've said
Tell me tell me
What can I do to change your mind
Lady don't let me down not this time
No no no no

Lady I give you all the loving
The affection that I have
Undivided attention
Never treated you bad
Don't you leave a lonely man,
I'll be literally mad
You bring joy to this boy
With the loving that you have
Fantabulous smile
Captivate me all the while
Lonely lonely lonely like a motherless child
You curve mi observe woman it rest upon me nerve
Your loving I'm missing night and day
The ragga is reminiscing I sing what you gonna do

Writer/s: Donovan Germain / Mark Myrie