Tech N9ne


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You're in the mix wit your boyfriend baby, Bobby Bang, and its that time for the hot nine at nine with Tech Nine featurin' Shawnna. 'Bout ta wear that ass out ten ways ta Sunday. So you better eat your Wheaties!

Tech N9ne:
My energy's pumpin'
Its finna be sumthin' ta see
'Cuz when I be drunkin' there's
Sin to be humpin wit me if women
Be crunkin' authentic we jumpin' da
Beat then I'm in it we bumpin' to da
Finished t punchin' da V like a prized
Fighta eyes light up wen I glide by the
Thighs try the size why the cries cause
I be the pied piper wider tighter I like her
Pride diver pride swiper ride her all
Nighter the hide hicker I've been away for a
Long while sick of just bein' your fone pal you might
Be needin' your long towel when I get to you its on
Now wow betta gas up when you wit da King Kong
Girl get it pivet wen a nigga lick it then
I hit it girl dats my grown style I'm really gonna
Be livin' and once again I'm in luv wit you jus' like I'm
Peppy la peu give me da goodies I wanna know if you wanna
Get on top of me n I gotta be the one steppin to u give
It wat I need to????

Hook:baby I hope you eat your Wheaties when you see me it won't be easy girl guaranteed to make you


I know you want me baby
Do I make you horny baby
I can tell by ya eyes
You want me ta ride you
Like a horsey baby

Better back up off me baby
I am not the type ta be scurred
If you feel this we can do it real big
Maybe you can meet me n the back of the g4

We can do it in the lac on the dlo
We can do it in the track wit a peep hole
See you lookin' at the ass
We do it for the cash
I throw it like craps in the clo

Never had one like me shawty
When I'm done wanna wife me shawty
Baby thinkin' dat shes like me but you
C its just unlikely shawty

When I get him I'ma givin' the rhythm
Ta have him feelin' like he neva eva felt before
Get up in him I'ma have him chillin'
N drillin' me from the night ta the morn'

Baby you gotta be diggin' every part of me part of me
I think you got me in a zone
Love it when he callin' me on the phone
He never been in love so much
See a body in a thong

He like ta put the nookie in his face
N every time I get outa line
He like ta put me in my place
He put me n the a or should I say the 745

Gotta forty five chillin' in the safe
So what you wanna say
Ya boi wanna see me
Tryna meet me 'cuz on TV

Better believe I want you
N I finna come through
'Cuz I ate mah Wheaties

Writer/s: ,Shawnna & Big Krizz Kaliko