When Broken Is Easily Fixed

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I can resist everything except temptation.
My body breaks,
But I am still intact inside.
My human instinct,
I can love unconditionally.
Cross my heart and lie to you
(my conscience plagues at me, fills me with this despair)
Failure within me.
Promise you and let you down
(emotion conquers my soul, robs me of myself) brings me to my knees.
Follow me, lead you astray
(nourish myself with fear, give me the pain to fail)
Loathe myself to sleep.
Your words kill me.
You can breathe without oxygen and live without sorrow.
How I envy you, though pity your ghost.
Ignorance is bliss
I wish I could never love you.
So ironic that a heart made by man,
When broken is easily fixed.
But a human hurt can last a lifetime.
Rust or decay.
The fire or the flame.
You and I will lead the path to change.
Pave the way.

Writer/s: Josh Bradford / Neil Boshart / Shane Told

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