You and I

When We Were One

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Now we're stuck digging deeper, didn't you see the look in my eye, now we're stuck digging deeper,
I'm holding onto nothing, we held each other's breath (now its gone) under the breathless night (been so long) it all fell at once ( i still remember) when you pulled away (now its gone) taking my breath with you (it burns)
you took my breath from me, i tried to say it (it burns), and i tried, i swear i tried my best for you, tried to say, things are changing, but you forgot to tell me they were, I feel can feel your heart beat inside of me,
I don't know if you will stay with me, don't you see these stars in my eyes, i don't feel with you, don't tell me that you love me, those words they hurt too fucking much, don't tell me that you love me, those words they hurt,
please don't lie, when we were one, don't tell me that you love me, those words, they, they hurt too much to, it hurts too much to know here you've been,
i have to learn to keep my mouth shut, i have to learn to walk away, it was so much easier then, you loved me, i wish you would think, you love me then.