Lucifer's Friend

...Where The Groupies Killed The Blues

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Onward marching to the "Rock of Ages"
Torn-off pages from a magazine
Soldiers fading from the Earth - degrading
Sun's lost out to margarine

Kingdoms, empires read in tea-leaves
Everybody fold your hands upon your heads
And hear the news
Somebody somewhere somehow sometime
Looked behind the Arass
Where the groupies killed the blues

Heavy sounds in the summertime - ooh -
Chicago learns that black is black
Heavy ground all along the Berlin line
Humpety Dumpety Won't Go back
Poni mai

Classrooms and Sunday school
Where Jesus saved the world
Kingsize and extra cool
And when the smoke unfurled
Straight lanes of lemon trees
Where Palestine prayed on its bended knees
To mankind

Subway moonlight for a flight of fancy
To a smiling face gone underground
Advertising 'stead of law revising
Pay your money, stick around

Pilgrim soldiers on a trip to nowhere
With a one-way ticket in their hands
Soap Suds Sliding to the Foam Crest Riding
Palestine: whose promised land?

Writer/s: D. Horns / OBrien Docker

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