Whispers In The Dark

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Hide yourselves for death has come
The evil is strong in your heart
You worship the Unlord and his son

In your blood he bathes, his perfume reeks of death
His scorched talons reach deep into your soul, you're stuck in the cold

From below a voice calls to you
Deceiving your mind and making your heart go blind

Someone whispers into your mind
Words of the evil kind
To torment your broken soul
And prevent it from becoming whole

Soon the day will come, the last harvest is being prepared.
The seperation of the weed and the dares
In their fury, hellish flames of despair are craving for
Their consumption of the damned, the ears which brought no fruit

Someone whispers into your mind
Words, that make your heart go blind
To shield you from the knowledge
About the harvest, which is at hand

Slowly your heart goes cold
Poisoned by the demons of old
Will you let them have
The delight in your death