Hanoi Rocks

Willing To Cross The Ocean

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Well I woke up screaming 'cos I heard, the telephone ringing
And I told myself that this must be, the end of the beginning
There must be a little more life somewhere else
I heard me saying myself,
Take a little more time for feelings inside of your heart
And the crowd gets bigger as the world keeps rolling around
And around and around,
Everywhere I go all the people there scream and shout
But somewhere there must be an end,
There must be gates that no one can bend
So I'm taking my time making up my mind about our love
I'm willing to cross the ocean,
I'm willing to break the ice
I'm willing to break emotions,
To make things right
Make everything all right,
Well I woke up screaming
I heard the telephone ringing,
It was you, I tell you that I love you
I love you, I love you, my baby
I'm willing to climb the mountain,
And dive into the deepest sea
I'm willing to give a chance for something real,
I'm willing to cross the ocean
I'm willing to break the ice,
I'm willing to break emotions
To make things right, to make things right

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