4th Disciple

Wit Da Evilz

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[Intro: Boom]
My city, incarcerated Wit Da Evilz
No doubt
Yo, yo, explosion.. Boom!

Times and days, brothers is on their own, some nights blown
Some of them method to blow chrome, a common home
From the P-Now, when P-O keep a tab on your style
Seein if your piss is foul
And daily thoughts on theme of madness on the block
Watchin to who you sell rocks, his mouth talk
And glocks rocks your motherfuckin cradle
As shit gets fatal and tombstones get labelled
A nigga live for the ice or makin G's off the dice
And too many pimps and hoes, this is '98 life
And cribs is gettin infiltrated from Peru
And cops is gettin bust and left in the blood pool
The city sense be hard to tame, junkies on the block shootin heron
And 'cane in their vain, who's to blame?
My generation, my generation..

My city incarcerated Wit Da Evilz

Now test the programmer, ridicule the slander
Because I'm not vulgar, over and under dagger
Laughed in the face of danger
It was predicted now it's obselete
Be conquestable by a small caliber heat
Satisfy the street wars
When anger's beyond the clouds and ocean floors
I play through you if ain't lucky, so play your cards
I play the law and nature with a rapture
Hands above the collar bone so the snakes can't slither home
Do you see the outcome?
Beware where outcome cries deadly fury
On head aches could leave you weightless like calestetics
Cuz I'm a star, filmed in the mental picture
Strikin the weak like a pitcher
To come against me you gotta be drinkin courage by the pitcher
I kill your lecture and especially the extra, extra
Read all about it, how your soundin knocked you out your outfit
Leave you naked with the Clark's rule over your mind
Cuz you pledged allegiance to perfect attendance
Pay attention and cooperation for a nation unlike you who don't like you
But you choose to aim your fully-automatic static at my attic

Incarcerted Wit Da Evilz

Firestorm swarm and combine with the evil territory
Terror tells a whole story, summer time flurries
With a timed sun, heat up the climates to 101 degrees
Braincells bleed from the mental damage
Black Gods get on justice like Johnny Gamage
A strong nation.. (Incarcerated Wit Da Evilz)
My city, incarcerated Wit Da Evilz