Irving Berlin

With Music

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Now that we're married, we'll get along I know
We'll get along whatever may come or go
One thing we have in common will see us through
I have an ear for music and so have you

[1st refrain:]
We'll settle down with music
Somewhere in town with music

Some hurdy-gurdy will fill the street with Verdi
And Mister Strauss will fill our house with music

We'll greet the night with music
Turn down the light with music

While night is falling we'll hear the crickets calling
And you and I will hush-a-bye with music

[2nd refrain:]
We'll stay indoors with music
And I'll be yours with music

Brahms will inspire me to be as you desire me
And Mister Liszt will see you're kissed with music

We'll greet the stork with music
Then pop a cork with music

Bach and Beethoven, they'll both be interwoven
With things I knit to fit for it with music

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