Black Box Recorder

Wonderful Life [Bonus Track]

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Well you can bite the bullet
Breathe in, breathe out
Or be a victim all your life
Go window shopping, save your money
Riches to rags overnight

It's a wonderful life
It's a wonderful life
You can join the family business
Serve behind the counter

Even have your name above the door
Join the order, learn the handshake
You won't need protection any more
It's a wonderful life
When you think it's over

You can look through the photos
Taken for posterity and you'll find
Have an affair, get a new interest
Go into debt, go on the sick list
Study at your leisure in your home.

Get into shape, try to lose weight
Regain your confidence, control your fate
Victim of circumstance, look on the bright side

It's a wonderful life [Repeat: x4]

Writer/s: Luke Haines

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