Josh Garrels

Woods And Nails

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O humble carpenter, down on your hands and knees
Look on your handiwork and build a house
So you may dwell in me
So you may dwell in me

The work was done with nothing but
Wood and nails in your scar-borne hands
O show me how to work and praise
Trusting that I am your instrument

O loving laborer with the sweat upon your face
Oh, build a table that I may too may join you
In the father’s place
Oh, in the father’s place!

The kingdom’s come and built upon
Wood and nails gripped with joyfulness
So send me out, within your ways
Knowing that the task is finished
The dead will rise and give you praise

Wood and nails will not hold them down!
These wooden tombs, we’ll break them soon
And fashion them into flower beds
The curse is done, the battle won
Swords bent down into plowshares
Your scar-borne hands, we’ll join with them
Serving at the table you’ve prepared

Writer/s: ,Audrey Assad