You Don't Have To Go

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It wouldn't be right for you to leave me
Our love has traveled such a long way
I'd almost understand if it was raining
But darling it's such a sunny day
You don't have to go I'm begging you to stay
My love for you grows stronger every day
See it in my eyes feel it in my heart
It's rainbow in the sky let's make a brand new start

Your bags are packed you ain't going nowhere
I can't let you go without a kiss
Before you close the door I hope you change your mind
Without you my darling my life's an awful mess
You don't have to go...
[ ac.guitar - accordion ]
Traeme tu calor te ruego otra vez no me dejes solo me muere de querer
Mirame amor mira mi razon sin ti me quedo triste se me quebra el corazon

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