Yea Or No?

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[*sound-effects' mini-game*]

[verse 1]
Have you ever bought coke WIT' ME?
You already ASKED ME how to make a hit WIT' SHIT?
You've shot Chris Jack?
Have you ever kissed Gomez? Have you signed a CONTRACT?
I get money to RHYME
Have you seen my clothing LINE?
I come in and DO IT
I inaugurated my first CLUB AND
You asked if it's to it?
Check it on the sound AND FLUID
Stanley G. and Bobby Shaw are at THE TOP
You asked me if YOU can step on my BLOCK?
You did asssssk this for J. Glock?
Let me unload MY GUN
You wanna be numba one?
You'll not be DULL
Just like me, you wanna shine like THE SUN?
Then kneel, SHOOT!!! in his guys FOR ME
I'm the Baretta maaaaan and they do ALL HEAT

You got the gun? You triggers?
Took you to hell wit' ya niggas
Yea or no?

[verse 2]
Yeah! C'mon!
You shot up in my Benz?
Yea or no?
Did you divert MY DOUGH?
I make the LAW
I don't know who stabbed you! Or do I KNOW?
You know who runs New York?
I run, I run New York
Coke, dope, dough, I'm Mr. J. WALK
Push the button and blow a Hennessy
I get money to use Nike SHOES
Danny B. in Denver knows that I use 22's
Don't pull the trigger for me, EVER!
I'm the Bigg Sound FOREVER!
Cars of 450.000 and in the waist one Baretta
Rolex on my wrist and has a pile of CHEDDAR

You got the gun? You triggers?
Took you to hell wit' ya niggas
Yea or no?

[Bigg Sound talkin']
Yeah nigga! You're unable to face the street
I'm here cockin' my Taurus!
You were a coward and neva wanted to take their acts!
Fuck 'em up Rock!

Writer/s: Bigg Sound

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