Chris LeDoux

Yellow Stud

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Somewhere on the prairie a yellow stud runs free
Runnin' through the sage brush down through the coolies
And there not far behind him a cowboy rides along
He's gonna try to catch him and break him for his own

The chase goes on all morning and late into the day
The cowboy changes horses he staked along the way
The studd is growin' weaker now and gettin' short of wind
He runs into the trap corral the cowboy shuts him in

The yellow stud with wild eye the feared hated man
Finally standin' face to face in the hot dusty sand
The battle starts and rages on eneath the burning sun
The cowboy tried but couldn't ride the yellow outlaw stud

He sold him to a rodeo and it spread throughout the land
The legend of this yellow stud the baddest of the bad
And then one day in Cheyenne we knew it had to come
The best of all bronc riders he drew that yellow stud

The wooden gate flew open and the stud had bailed out high
An explosion of yellow horse seemed to fill the sky
The sud kept getting stronger and thrashing up the earth
The cowboy blew a stirrup and crashed into the dirt

So violently the stud had bucked that he slipped and fell
As he went back his backbone snapped the yellow stud lay still

As the cowboys gathered round him I heard one of 'em say
There'll never be another bronc like the one that died today
But out there on the praire there's a mare with mustang blood
And a colt runs close behind her a yellow outlaw stud

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