Of Montreal

Ye, Renew the Plaintiff

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The sacrifice must be for
Some deity, babe I
Just can't get hard for reality
At least not mine
Your love charity is like
An immortal bleeding beast and here
Is it to motivate my heart to function?
This age is a bitch that burns our dreams so
Can only turn away
I wonder can I produce some of heat
To keep our experiment in our heart
I told you I could I couldn't cope
Seeing the disappointment in your eyes

Oh Nina, how can I defend myself against this world
That batters me like a retarding cartoon
It's too soon for salvation but that word is just a joke

Oh Nina, my whole system is chaos
I'm desperate for something but there's no human word for it
I should be happy but
What I feel is corrupted, broken, impotent and insane

Oh Nina, I have become so hateful
How am I ever going to survive this winter?
I can think of nothing but getting my revenge
Make those fuckers pray, not going to happen
And it's eating a hole in me
Eating a hole in me
It's eating a hole
Eating a hole
Eating a hole in me

In our heart and see each suffering repeat
Our soul concession to find dimension

I've inherited spiritual sanctions
For some old ancestral crime
It was committed long ago
But the punishment's absolved all down the family line
Everyone's so unstable on my mother's side
And emotionally barren on my father's side
But tell me how can I attempt to atone
For somebody else's willful ignorance?

Writer/s: Kevin Barnes

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