Josh Garrels


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Holy, holy, holy is the lamb
Almighty, almighty, almighty is the Lord

It’s unlocked in his left are the keys to death and hell
And in his other palm are seven stars
Silently circling like seven seals and sounds and seven cycles
Seventy sets of seven are prophesied
Before the king comes from heaven
The earth will quake and men’s hearts will shake
When they hear the war drum
And I’m talking about creator of the mountains
I’m talking about the one who gave up his son
I’m singing about the one who died for everyone
And in his blood he’s giving us real freedom
Brought by one, bought by one son
Someone from the kingdom come
He was, and is, and is to come
Healing the deaf and dumb
His words cut the dark like a sharp weapon light
Wrong or right?
All mankind was blind and he came to give us sight
Wrong or right?
Tell me, what is it about the name of Jesus Christ
It makes men fight within
Against the sin, against the night, dark or light
Day and night
This is not a grey matter choice
And don’t blame it on another mans voice
Because time keeps on slipping, into the future
I don’t lose you
You must make a decision soon
Be it life, or death

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lamb
That was slain, that was slain

Worthy is his name, worthy is his name

He was, and is, and is to come
He was, and is, and is to come