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i-yi-yippie-i-ay-tell me which way the wind is blowing
i-yi-yippie-i-o-no-not even if the gods are rolling
say please - string those beads -
place your gets - put away your wallet
more grease on those knees -
or have it any which way you call it
never goin back when you're hands start shaking
never look back when you hit the pavement
never turn back til you know where you're going
never turn your back - not even if the choir's singing
never lean back when the beggar's kneeling
('cause you) never see dirt til it hits the ceiling

you don't think about
tommorow (ahh - not afraid of dying)
you don't act your age (ahh - gotta let it go)
it don't even hurt to swallow (ahh - got a way with lying)
not even if you let it show

cruel age, swing that cage.... out
let's cause another chain reaction
this place smacks of Rage
what that gat -
and -- see it all come crashing ... down

never goin back to a cloudy vision
never goin back until you quit that bitchin
never goin back until the temperature's holdin'
never goin--back to another empty feast
never goin back until we kill that beast
never goin back unless a palm gets greased
you bet - no sweat -- it's open season


and i-yi-yippie-i-ay
put that thumb in your mouth
and i-yi-yippie-i-o
what's that shit all about?

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