Mr. T Experience

You Alone

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You alone
Can make me act this way
Explaining things I didn't do
And things I shouldn't say
I'm far from home
But I've been up to my own tricks
Creating these catastrophes
That you alone can fix

Tell me where to take it
Everything I'm thinking
Like oh, oh oh,
I love you so
And I'll put my life on hold
And I'm ready to go
And how my love is true and everything I'm ever doin
When I get you alone

Now me alone
Is a most pathetic site
Making up excuses
Just to not come down at night

And you alone
Would clearly be a waste
Of all those questions of your life
That could never be replaced

Setting up your high horse
Get on my horse
I dream of you
And I'd spend a small fortune
Just to make it come true
I may not have enough to do
A lot of screwy stuff
But I will never leave you alone

hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

For you alone
You for you

You alone are the one I leave my prayers
Or at least that I'm without you in my heart
This whole theory falls apart

You alone
Could clearly be a waste
Of nights dead after endless night
And meaningless charade

All I ask
Is that you were alone to be
And nights dead with me alone
And you alone with me
You alone with me
You alone with me
You alone with me

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