La Toya Jackson

You Blew

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Yeah, I like this.
I know you do.

Once more
You're rushin' out my door
I guess you got
Exactly what you came here for
You're such a bore

Three times
I call your beeper number
I guess you left it off again
Maybe you just want
A plaything or a friend

Hike your Nikes"
'Cause I'm through with you
(I'll waste my time no more)
You're just another boy
I thought I knew
You know what time it is
so bust a move
I think it's time
I found somebody new

Guess what?
You blew!

Check it out

(In the place to be)
Such a shame
Why must we play this game
I don't think I can trust you
'Cause men are all the same
(I can't live with you
I can't live without you)

We was cool
We lived by our own rules
December lovers
You played me for an April fool
Don't waste my time
If you're runnin' those same old lines
Oh baby


You blew!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
(Come on take it to the bridge)

One more chance is all I need from you
It's time to find somebody new
My waiting days are over
Simply put, you blew
You blew!

(Hold it now, wait!)
Believe that.
Believe what?
What, did I stutter? Check it out.

Broken hearts can mend, friend
But don't depend on this toy
To give you what you want, boy
'Cause that ain't right

F.F. got my back
Just in case you act whacked
You better treat me like you should

Get busy!


You blew!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooh baby

Hey baby, I'll teach you your ABC's.
I'll be there.
All right.

Just like your brother used to say
I want you back, ooh baby, ooh baby
You blew!
Who, me?

You blew!

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