Low Profile

You Don't Wanna Fuck With Us

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[Lil' Rob]
What's up ese
It's Lil' Rob, Yogi, Frank V, Royal T
Spanish Fly and Silencer
Dropping the fucking bombs on your ass ese
Shit you can't fuck with
This is how it's done
Low Profile number one homeboy

Lyrics I manifest, not claiming to be the best
We can duel to the death without the ten steps
In the club wiping off sweat, alize what you expect
Hoes stroll, you know, with bacardi on my breath
Throwing up my set, commanding respect
Aiming at your neck, got you caught up in a wreck
I'ma keep on living just as long as my lungs breathe
Hey homey I'm hungry, these chicas don't love me

[Lil' Rob]
I kick back on the valley, streets of Southern Cali
Bottle in my hand, spray-painting up the alley
Time to fuck it up on a Friday night
Wake everybody up, fuck a Silent Night
Violent nights on the streets of San Diego
No need to say no, more homey lay low
I come in grasping, blasting, laughing, you're gasping for air
You're reaching for something but nothing's there
Fucking leva

[Chorus: Yogi]
You don't wanna fuck with us
Low Pro is the año, all up in your barrio
You don't wanna fuck with us
So rough, so tough, and we're bound to bust
You don't wanna fuck with us
I got a homey in the valley with an AK on stand-by
You don't wanna fuck with us
You see, we can rap this bum shit and hold your family hostage

[Royal T]
Straight gangster fool, big fool up in the yard
Shank the first fool that try to play hard
Make you my trick if you ain't down with the clique
My little homies ride any time we pull a hit
Teardropping tattooes, what my homies like
Fuck three strikes, we gonna bang for life

[Frank V]
Ese you don't wanna, fuck around cuz I'm gonna
Show you a new meaning of motherfucking street cleaning
Starting from the front of your block to the end of your block
Compliments of my glock, nonstop
Mayhem and terror, it's best not to tempt me
I got a full clip just begging to be emptied
From the trigger finger of the loc'd out Latino
Motherfucking Mexican, ese better guess again
Thinking Low Pro is joking, but we're loc'ing
Chronic toking, and automatic gun smoking


Feeling the pain all on your brain, and it happens again and again and again
And you won't know where or when I'm about to sin and I'm about to win
Motherfucker, it's Silencer from San Diego
I got the bow and arrow
I'm creeping, about to get ya with a flecha
Son of a bitch, too bad you're in the IUC
The one of a kind soldado, it's all about the big SD
You better be keeping away, you gotta be staying away
Low Profile, we're insane up in the brain

[OG Spanish Fly]
Run up and I'll get that man cuz I follow that gangster plan
Smoking in the homey's van, all up in and I got main command
It's time for some gangster shit
Watch me creep up on that bitch
Rolex and I'll take that shit
Bullets, better blaze that shit
Put it all around cuz we ain't ever going down like this
Mobbing till I die smoking
All fucked up in the mind and shit
Once again I'm back, drinking by the pack
That vato Maniac, sporting all black


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