Desiree Million

You Lied To Me

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I love you and you love me
how come we're not a happy family?
you said you would be really good
you lied to me
I love you so
do you love me?
rededicate your truth to me
I'll go away you'll never find
a love so true a love so fine
I love you so and this I know
don't ever go and leave me
you are a shining star I love you so come home from the bar
you always said you'd be good to me
who's that phone number found in your sleeve?
you lied to me
you said you loved me
I have been true I have been fine
I've done it all but lost my mind
I love you so and this I know
come home to me, it's quarter to three
you made a vow to me
Can't take no more
I'm packing my bag
I'm going to mom's forever
you lied to me
I'm going away forever

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