Young, Loud, And Scotty

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is it silly to think that this would never happen again
but of course i'll call you tonight
did you know you missed my birthday?

the loneliest it gets is when the wind begins to chill
and when i stand on top of your old street
the church tops bring a stillness to me

i can't think of anything i'd rather do
than have my heart broken by you

could we be saved by inventions and hopes
cause i'm not all right. the night seems to swallow
me whole and spits out second guessing

and i remember ever since that first day i saw you on the street,
i've always wanted you in the worst way, but now i can't compete
i'm so and your so we're both so, all fucked up
when i think of what to do it makes me want so scream!

isn't it about time that we tried and get it right, i can't sleep
on no more floors i can't stay up no more nights, i'd like to know
what's going, could you please pick up your phone, i started a
million letters to you but i couldn't finish any of them