Young Pushkin

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Not long did youth’s vain hopes delude us
Its dreams of hope and prideful fame
They briefly, fleetingly pursued us
Then passed like mist and no more came

Sweet 16, I knew I could do it
The dreams and reality were treated the same
Around the world, I got so bored
‘till I forgot how does it feel to have all the time to waste

I stopped the clock deep and green on my skin
But for the hopes and dreams i haven’t kept enough ink
Is it really worth it to work it, ache it and hate it?
Where does it lead?

Nothing’s gonna change the fact
Doesn’t matter, if i’m the worst or the best
Nothing’s gonna bring it back
So why i keep stalking the past?
As a matter of fact
Everyday in life is one step closer to death

And yet, the thought of death my friends I shrink
I want to live, to suffer and to think
And amid care and grief and tribulation
Taste of sweet rapture and exhilaration

And love’s last flash, its smile of farewell tender