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Keep preaching to me about how i should live
When your whole life is spent in fear and confusion

I denounce you and your beliefs
A false sense of security
Consumed with ignorance
Pillars of faith will crumble at your feet
I will never be like you in fact i despise you
Corrupting the weak around you
Infected by false love
Behind a facade of good will selfish motives shine through
A weak shell of a person, relying on others for your needs

Shrouded in confusion, cowering in fear
You hope your faith will save you but it condemns you
Self-righteous subversion, insecurities
Populace-controlling organized lies keep your mind closed

Keep the scriptures close to your heart
Your mind is saturated with dirt
Lost in a dictatorship of consciousness
Wait for promised rewards
And suffer your fate

Fuck you and your cries of blasphemy
A carbon copy of the weak will surrounding you
Inflated minds of pious audacity
Found purpose to fill the voids that are found in you
You got a taste of that sordid gimmick
Now it melts in your mouth like the body of christ
A simple minded cult of converted mimics
Just puppets on the strings of the religious right

Embracing foreign structure free will trapped inside
Your need to be governed truly boggles the mind
It's the same thing that leads the majority into the same path of conceit
Followed by the shallow struggle to obtain the status elite
What about autonomy and the will to choose your own destiny?
What makes you think your faith gives you the right to point a finger at me
Or condemn anyone who debates the truth in the face of stupidity?
If only that strange voice in your head were just enough to stretch
The perimeter beyond its current state of infinite confinement
What makes you think you deserve a place beside your creator
The force behind the universe, time and space?
Are you so naive to think that if such a being did exist
It would even notice the tiny speck that you are?

Lost in a maze of justifications
You hide the reality you once knew

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