Lil' Wyte

Zero Tolerance (fuck Them Laws)

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[Verse 1]
I got an offering to refuse a five piece a dro for two's
Feeling greeky across the color G's so I'm super cool
Take a trip to the ATL, holla at my boy Terrel
Though that's where he want me to meet him so far situation swell
Hit him up as soon as I get in town we go rendezvou
Ten for the four is what I got instead of five for two
Nervous is bout to back the po po's hotter than an iron skillet
Also in the back I got my gat in case I have to peel it
Watchin' all my mirrors as I make a left on Old Nat
Thankin to myself he said eleven where this fool at
Bigger mounts of cash, duffle bags I get a tax invasion
Last thang in my life that I don't need to add is incarceration
Hardest racing and I'm racing back and forth all in the van
Blue lights everywhere I'm high as hell and you couldn't understand
Palms are sweaty and my eyes are glued so far into my rearview
I see the dude who got the dope and I think he see me too

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
It's zero tolerance around here (fuck them laws)
It's zero tolerance around here (man fuck them laws)

[Verse 2]
And it's all good no ones around he pulled up right beside me
We got a room at holiday inn so now he right behind me
Its been awhile since we kicked it so its gone be a minute
I got a bag full of dough and a four-five up in it
Cause I don't know if this fool got something up his sleeve
He could be tryin to get me or just fuckin with me
I got feelin operation is gonna go as planned
Without a site of disturbance to fuck up my demands
Exchange was made and now I got the dope up in my hands
10 pounds of dro for four thousand dollars stashed up in the van
I tell em holla and I vamp out back to the M
I put it in drive and then I glance back one time at him
I left the atl at 9:30 no time to waste
I got a box of cigarillos began to blaze
I hit the interstate pop the hood and caught triple A
Six hundred dollars five hundred miles until the bay
So fuck them laws